Patricia Byron

Bio & Artist Statement


 Patricia Isabella Byron was born in Naples, Florida, to a Canadian-Irish/English father and Honduran-Italian mother. From an early age, her exposure to the arts became well rooted while growing up in her parents antique shop. Her curiosty of exotic countries landed the artist to reside in Turkey and Iran. During her travels throughout Europe and the Middle East, she became so captivated by the natural beauty and historical sites, that she was compelled to paint and write about her experiences. The communication conveyed through her abstract paintings is a spiritual motivation, where the subject matters are a mood-evoking interplay of emotions and symbolic reflections. While living in Tehran, Byron studied at Tehran University, School of Persian Studies & Culture, and was a writer for the British Library Ladies group. She has also received two Editors Choice Awards from the International Library of Poetry. Patricia Byron is a Painting & Drawing senior faculty member and Painting & Drawing Program Manager at Crealde School of Art, where she was appointed as a Fellowship Student and Studio Artist. She has been a volunteer for the ABCs Art Program at the Coalition for the Homeless, art instructor at the Boys and Girls Club of Central Florida, and past member of the Women's Caucus for Art. 

The artist is a descendant of Lord Byron, and granddaughter of acclaimed writer & composer Fernando Ferrari.

 'As an artist, I strive to interpret my visions of tranquility and harmony from brush to canvas. I am intrigued with the movement and dimensional complexity that can form with paint. My process usually begins with mark making by using charcoal, pouring paint and then allowing them to collide onto the canvas Through my paintings, I aim to release a lyrical-almost poetic introspective journey where the visual meets the emotional.  Ultimately, I caress the treasure of memories into my work for the viewer to experience. Overall, I am grateful to have experienced my travels and encounters with diverse cultures-for without them I would not have emerged as an artist or writer.'